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Bespoke services


Are you looking for bespoke support oriented toward one or more specific needs?

Mulliez-Flory offers you a range of à la carte services

All of these are flexible and adaptable to your various issues


  • Your need: image IMAGE - CREATION - DESIGN

    Comprehensive analysis of your image, graphic options, dedicated style boards & technical variations (design office)
  • securiteYour need: STANDARDS - SAFETY

    Needs analysis, PPE (recommendations and choices) & prototype development
  • cahierYour need: PURCHASE SOURCING

    Needs analysis, specifications, finding the perfect partner & service tracking (quality and time compliance)
  • auditYour need: SUPPLY CHAIN

    Internal distribution audit, strategic recommendations, implementation support & allocation management
  • testYour need: QUALITY CONTROL

    Support at the start of production, in-line controls, final controls & laboratory testing
  • communicationYour need: LAUNCH - COMMUNICATIONS

    Choose your communication pack from basic to full professional (professional models, press relations, fashion shows, etc.)