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Comprehensive needs analysis

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Quick results for time & money saved!

In just a few days, you can receive a complete report with our findings, areas for possible improvement and our recommendations.
Giving YOU an objective vision of areas for improvement by examining every aspect of your case.

Our team will travel to you and/or your different points of sale to prepare a comprehensive diagnostic review of your current collection.

A number of exchanges will be necessary to fully grasp every aspect of your case

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  •       Your image both internally & externally
  •       Consistency of the product range
  •       Comfort when worn
  •       Number of items expected per allocation
  •       Types of clothes & accessories proposed



Product quality

  •        Materials & accessories (zips, buttons, threads, etc.) employed
  •        Markings (embroidery, transfers, silkscreen prints, etc.)
  •        Cuts and production
  •        Standards
  •        Purchasing process
  •        Supply chain
  •        Your company's employees and unions on board
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