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Corporate Clothing consulting


Consulting services dedicated to your needs

Providing you with all the necessary information for the production, launch and set-up of a collection, regardless of your choice of manufacturer and associated service providers.

Corporate Clothing Consulting's mission is to place all the Group's expertise and know-how at your service for the creation, design and set-up of a collection of corporate/professional clothing. We work together to build the elements needed to develop your own workwear.

Support & guidance

Only an expert in professional textiles that is proficient in the different functions (creation/manufacturing/delivery) can provide this to you.
We offer support and guidance in defining your needs and opportunities for improving your own workwear collection through:


Comprehensive analysis

Based on the style you have adopted and its perception internally & externally, product quality and wearer comfort, your purchasing processes, order placement and supply chain, product compliance, corporate social responsibility aspects, employee involvement, etc.

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Bespoke services

You choose the actions you want to undertake based on the different modules that we provide to you: a practical and effective "à la carte" service.

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International support

Do you manage subsidiaries abroad and want to standardize your clothing collections on a European or a global scale? Take advantage of our network!

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formationTraining days

We offer training days on specific subjects that will give you autonomy over your professional clothing project.
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Making your professional clothing plans easy for YOU to manage by giving you greater control over quality and costs.