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Guiding you through changing your collection

Rolling out a new collection of work clothing to your employees is not always an easy thing to do...

  • An integrated communication agency for a turnkey solution
  • Compliance with your graphic charter
  • Speedy execution thanks to our familiarity with your products

Getting your staff on board

Buy-in on a new uniform or other work clothes is not always easy to obtain. Special communications are often needed in order to:

  • explain the reasons for the change;
  • explain the directions taken;
  • introduce the style;
  • develop the new dress code;
  • communicate with your entire network...
Communication & évènements

There is a multitude of ways to make this change a real success and get all your employees on board

  • every form of digital communications (video, animation, etc.);
  • personalized books;
  • trendbook and collection plan;
  • dress code;
  • professional photo books;
  • fashion shows;
  • direct emails and mailshots;
  • launch event with sales representatives.

Whether electronic or hard copy, every method of communication will be proposed.

Because they are more modern and more environmentally friendly, our recommendations will prioritize paperless solutions.