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Bespoke designs in your image

Because corporate clothes should reflect your company's DNA, a dedicated team handles your collection in its entirety

  •    Proposals created within seven days
  •    Creative depth between graphic and fashion designers
  •    Expertise across all business sectors

Our team of six graphic and fashion designers work in the environment of a creative studio - somewhere between a styling bureau and a communication agency - in accordance with your graphic charter.


The team analyses:

  • Your market and the competition
  • Your employees' work environment
  • Their postures
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your existing collection
  • Your company's global image

The team works continuously with a product coordinator to always maintain the connection between pure creativity and the technical reality of desing offices.
Their complementary profiles make it far easier to link professional clothing with traditional ready to wear apparel, with sure feasibility for your collection.

Image et création


We will provide you with:

  • At least three product boards using personalized ambiances to open up the scope of possibilities
  • Original cuts and materials
  • In-depth knowledge of applicable standards
  • A complete range of comfortable, fashionable accessories


Are you interested in a "couture" collection?

Possessing a Guy Laroche Les Griffés licence, our fashion designer Valérie will design and develop your collection in the chic, trendy spirit of Adam Andrascik, the brand's Creative Director.