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1 click ordering!

Develop your e-shop and manage your orders online, easily and securely!

  • Manage your own collection: orders, allocations and deliveries
  • Personalize your interface with your graphic charter
  • Classic ordering methods (email, post, telephone and fax) still available

Your free, personalized order placement site!

We give you access to a personalized extranet site (B2B website) to order & manage your entire collection of professional clothing.

This tool is offered to you to simplify your ordering process and track your deliveries in real time.


Extranet dédiéThis ultra-secure solution has only upsides:

  • personalizable;
  • compatible with the different OSs;
  • interface similar to a web interface to make it easy to learn;
  • ergonomic back office for multiple functions;
  • user management;
  • wardrobe creation.

For allocation management...

... many other modules are available to give you complete control over your wardrobe.

This tool comes with pre-launch training and support over time.