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Testing & product quality

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99.84% compliant products!

Thanks to our various quality controls and our integrated lab, flawless products will be delivered to you!

  • An experienced integrated laboratory
  • Several testing levels from the start of production through to delivery
  • A satisfaction rate close to 100%

For zero defect products

We are extremely demanding when it comes to the quality of the materials used and the different manufacturing processes. Only diligent controls performed at every level of the creative chain can guarantee this degree of compliance.

Four levels of production controls

  • Control on receipt of materials
  • Control of preproduction units
  • Control for release at the end of production
  • Control on receipt at our sites

30 quality controllers spread across all our sites are there to monitor manufacturing.

More than 2,000 tests and trials performed each year

The Group has a testing laboratory that is unique on the market. Our equipment is there to run preliminary tests on fabrics/materials and accessories, but also to test the finished goods.

Qualité produitsTests performed

  • Measurement of roll widths
  • Colour measurements
  • Dimensional stability
  • Chlorine tests
  • Tear tests
  • Dye solidity
  • Metamerism tests
  • Friction/pilling tests
  • Permeability tests