Anett Fusion range


Effective, protective flame-retardant equipment in a streetwear style!

The product of a partnership between linen rental company Anett, professional clothing maker and creator Mulliez-Flory and cloth weaver TenCate, this new collection designed and manufactured by the creator in Cholet illustrates the rising tendency toward differentiation and the pursuit of added value in protective clothing.


January 2014

Beginning of the project after changes were made to standards.

A new, modern collection combining safety, quality, price and ease of maintenance was needed. A major study to determine the fabric that could offer both protection and comfort.

Cloth weaver TenCate quickly demonstrated its ability to deliver a fabric that would meet all of the requirements.

Materials 79% French cotton
20% polyester
1% anti-static
79% French cotton
20% polyester
1% anti-static
Peso 350 g/m² 450 g/m²
Armadura Satin 4/1 Satin 4/1
Lavado industrial 75°C as per standard ISO 15797 75°C as per standard ISO 15797
  EN 11612 A1 A2 B1 C1 E3 F1 EN 11612 A1 A2 B1 C1 E3 F1
  EN 11611 class 1 EN 11611 class 2
  EN 1149-5 EN 1149-5
Prestaciones Category II Category II
Uso Light welders Occasional and frequent welders

Fusion ébauches

1st half of 2014

Choice of materials and 1st style sketches by the Mulliez-Flory creative studio



2nd half of 2014

Production of prototypes

  • Technical description
  • Wearer testing to check the fit




1st half of 2015

Approval of initial series and presentation of the collection to the sales teams

Materials procurement and product certification can be launched




2nd half of 2015...

Launch of the communication campaign!

  • Photo shoot
  • Advert inserts
  • in PIC magazine
  • in L'Usine Nouvelle

The FUSION collection was created by 




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