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Smart, energy autonomous professional clothing

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On 26 November last, the Group officially launched its Autonotex Project, paving new technological ground in professional textiles. This project is in line with the Group's research and innovation policy of the past 10+ years.

The Autonotex Project is a real technological breakthrough, funded in part by BPI under PIAVE (Industrial Projects for the Future).

The aim of this project is to use smart fabrics to develop connected clothing that is completely energy autonomous.

At present, many smart devices and clothing run on batteries. If we want these objects to take on real importance in our daily lives, they need to be completely energy autonomous.
Arkema and the Mulliez-Flory Group both agree on the fact that collectors and energy generation and storage tools should be an integral part of textiles.

The CETI, with its capacity to develop multi-component threads, joined the project to provide the technological platform that was necessary to the rest.

The Autonotex Project steps outside the bounds of classic textiles projects by combining electronics engineers, signal processing experts, specialists in nano-components, chemical engineers and doctors.
This new, multidisciplinary approach will bring about profound changes to the design, assembly and weaving processes and methods employed by the traditional value chain.