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Looking back on the Change Fashion for Climate Conference

Held at the prestigious ESEC on Place d'Iéna on Monday, 7 December of last year, the Change Fashion for Climate Conference shouldered the heavy burden of revisiting one of the most negative aspects of the global textiles sector: its highly polluting effects. But introspection was needed to devise the solutions of the future. Read the article

Wool, a natural, durable fibre worth rediscovering

No, wool is not necessarily synonymous with prickly knits and itchy trousers. When skilfully worked, it can be a source of comfort and wellness, and today represents a natural, renewable and highly ecological textile resource.

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Freeze-frame: Tencel®

Because of its closed loop production system, manufacturing eucalyptus fibre is particularly eco-friendly. The invention of Tencel® opens a new chapter in the history of fibres. The resulting textiles are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

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Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification

The "Confidence in Textiles - textiles tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100" label symbolizes safety and transparency for your buying decisions. It designates products that have passed all the tests organized by independent testing institutes that are Oeko-Tex® members, covering more than 100 health criteria.

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Adopt the micro-puff!

This is the perfect garment for the first cold days. It is super-light, weighing less than 300 grams (four or five times less than a classic model).

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Terre de Sommières to remove your stains!

A natural, 100% effective method tested by our laboratory. This fine, relatively unknown clay powder is an excellent natural stain remover that uses absorption to eliminate grease stains like oil, butter, etc.

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Changes to the PPE Directive

Directive 89/686/EEC

This directive was published on 21 December 1989 and covers PPE designed for professional use but also for leisure and sporting purposes.

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Industrial maintenance

The clothing can be maintained at an industrial laundry from a network of qualified cleaning companies. In France, the major actors on the industrial cleaning market are ELIS, INITIAL BTB, RLD, ANETT et LE CERCLE DU PROPRE.

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