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Bespoke collections for unparalleled style

Because your employees' work clothing should reflect your company's values and because your time is often limited, we can advise you on designing and producing your new bespoke collection.

Branding activities

Work clothing

Our team's expertise is at your disposal. Let them advise you on creating your new collection of bespoke work clothes.

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Unique expertise in high-end professional uniforms.

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EN L'Uniforme

Une expertise unique dans l'uniforme professionnel haut de gamme.

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EN Le vêtement d'Image/Corporate

Le vêtement Image & Corporate a plusieurs fonctions mais l'une étant essentielle : valoriser votre image de marque.

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Expert advice

Adopt the micro-puff!

This is the perfect garment for the first cold days. It is super-light, weighing less than 300 grams (four or five times less than a classic model).

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Terre de Sommières to remove your stains!

A natural, 100% effective method tested by our laboratory. This fine, relatively unknown clay powder is an excellent natural stain remover that uses absorption to eliminate grease stains like oil, butter, etc.

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