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The Mulliez-Flory Group is launching a consultancy, Mulliez-Flory Conseil, that is completely independent of the industrial group itself.

We offer support and guidance in defining your needs and opportunities for improving your own collection.

Consulting activities

A la carte services

You choose the actions you want to undertake based on the different modules that we provide to you: a practical and effective à la carte service.

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Comprehensive analyses

Based on the style you have adopted and its perception internally & externally, product quality and wearer comfort, your purchasing processes, order placement and supply chain, product compliance, corporate social responsibility aspects, employee involvement, etc...

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EN Une analyse complète

Partant du style adopté et à sa perception en interne & en externe, la qualité des produits et le bien être des porteurs, vos processus d'achats, les prises de commandes et la supply chain, la conformité des produits, aspect RSE, implication des salariés & ...

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EN Des services à la carte

Vous choisissez les actions à mener en fonction des différents modules que nous mettons à votre disposition : un service à la carte, pragmatique et efficace.

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Words from our experts

Looking back on the Change Fashion for Climate Conference

Held at the prestigious ESEC on Place d'Iéna on Monday, 7 December of last year, the Change Fashion for Climate Conference shouldered the heavy burden of revisiting one of the most negative aspects of the global textiles sector: its highly polluting effects. But introspection was needed to devise the solutions of the future. Read more

Wool, a natural, durable fibre worth rediscovering

No, wool is not necessarily synonymous with prickly knits and itchy trousers. When skilfully worked, it can be a source of comfort and wellness, and today represents a natural, renewable and highly ecological textile resource.

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