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Textiles, the crucial technological medium of tomorrown

Textile innovation, at the heart of the Group's DNA, leads us to plan ahead for the solutions of the future, incorporating your issues into our research on improvements.

The Group's R&D Department is a key component of our development strategy. For years now, we have been working hard to create smart products that meet the needs inherent to your business: greater ease, comfort and protection for your employees. 


Logo SelfiaThe Selfia® brand, which the Group acquired in 2008, allowed us to reinforce the technical ergonomic aspect of our collections. The cuts were also revisited to yield products that mesh technicality with modernity.

Since then, the revolution in smart devices was set in motion. An indispensable part of our daily lives, protecting us while sharing meaning (image, positioning, etc.), clothing now has an additional, more technological function.

We are already working on many innovative projects in partnership with the CETI, l'IFTH and other professional textiles partners. These projects have led us to think about and view clothing differently and we are already able to foresee the solutions that we will be able to offer you in the short to medium term.


Our innovative products



Smart clothes

In partnership with electronics engineers, signal processing experts, specialists in nano-components, chemical engineers and doctors, Sécuridrap® will be the Group's first product to drive this new technology home.



Energy autonomous clothing

Clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin can recover the mechanical energy produced by our movements and redeliver it for complete technological autonomy.



Remote measurements

To reduce product returns caused by a poor choice of size, we are developing an expert measurement system with IFTH. Developed from body scans and smartphone measurement taking, the SEM will allow us to take remote measurements easily and efficiently, once it comes online in 2016.



Odour capturing clothing

Incorporating mesoporous particles into textiles either during spinning or by impregnating the fabric. The outlets are manifold: cooking, maintenance, sport and more.