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Personalize your PPE clothes!

Tired of catalogue products? Develop your own protective clothing

  • In-depth knowledge of applicable standards
  • Stylish technical clothing
  • Compliance with industrial cleaning conditions

What is PPE?

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is a system or tool designed to be worn or held by a person to protect them against one or more risks that could threaten their health or safety, mainly in the workplace, as per Article R.233-83-3 of the French Labour Code.

Learn about PPE standards

PPE clothing must fulfil strict French and European standards.

There are three categories of PPE:

Category I

Work equipment covering minor risks

Category II

Special protective equipment for major risks

Category III

Safety equipment for serious risks with irreversible or fatal effects


Mulliez-Flory can advise you on the design of your PPE and your choice of highly specific materials to create work clothes that are truly personalizable in terms of look, combining comfort, safety and effectiveness while meeting all compulsory security standards.

We are in direct contact with certification laboratories recognized by the EEC.



Maintenance of your protective clothing

We are familiar with the constraints associated with washing protective clothing thanks to our linen hire partners. As a result, we can advise you on the materials and accessories that are the easiest to clean.



Recycling your PPE clothes at end of life

The Mulliez-Flory Group is invested in protecting the planet by offering to recycle your PPE at end of life. That equipment is transformed or recycled by a recycling chain in France.