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Sécuridrap® Selfia®

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The only medically acclaimed safety sheet in 12 years

This sheet is indispensable to professionals working in geriatrics who are increasingly including it in their treatment protocols

Please read carefully the user manual

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Securing patients' sleep

Sécuridrap® secures disoriented people, like patients with Alzheimer's and related illnesses, while they sleep.

Sécuridrap® is safety bedding that was designed and evaluated in a geriatric setting. It requires a medical prescription as a type of restraining equipment.

Highly appreciated by many medical structures for 15 years now, Sécuridrap® is an innovative product that will soon be classified as a medical device.


An innovative, securing product that is vital for patients and attendants alike


Logo SelfiaSécuridrap® was developed based on research into the ergonomics of Selfia® clothing, designed for people losing their mobility.



It has multiple benefits for the patient and the medical corps:

  • Sécuridrap® prevents patients from falling out of bed at night;
  • it limits the need for incessant changing and the deterioration of nappies;
  • it allows patients to shift into all natural sleep positions while keeping the medical bed made and comfortable;
  • it simplifies the placement of probe perfusion.


As medical equipment, the use of Sécuridrap® satisfies strict safety rules

  1. both rails of the medical bed must necessarily be raised (1/2 rails are prohibited);
  2. the inner briefs provide compulsory pelvic support: once attached, it reduces the amount that the patient can slide within the sheet and prevents damage to the nappy by the patient;
  3. the straps must be attached to the mobile section of the bed;
  4. the choice of size must be adapted to the individual patient.

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Terms of use

Important: Sécuridrap® cannot be used in certain cases:

  • for patients with dementia who are capable of extricating or detaching themselves from the device;
  • for patients with dementia who may be overly agitated.