vetement de travail1

Work clothing

vetement de travail bandeau

Protection, comfort and image

Your work clothes designed for your purposes

  •     Style & creativity
  •     Products that exactly meet your needs
  •     Consideration of the clothes' entire life cycles

Expertise and advice

Our team's expertise is at your disposal. Let them advise you on creating your new collection of work clothes with a combination of:


Image & creativity

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Materials & cuts

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Quality & availability

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A textiles manager will handle your file, guiding you through your project and liaising with the Group's experts.

Your teams' movements and postures are studied closely to create bespoke work trousers and other clothes that will meet your functions' specific needs.

In recent years, work clothing has evolved toward sportswear / streetwear. The look has become vitally important. More fitted and with contrasting breaks in colour, work clothing now tends to use stretchy materials that provide unrivalled comfort while still remaining solid and protective.

As an integrated manufacturer, the Mulliez-Flory Group will then manufacture your work clothing and deliver it wherever you like.



your clothing

Are you planning to have your products industrially cleaned?
We are familiar with the washing constraints of our linen hire partners. We can advise you on the best materials and accessories.



Recycling your
work clothes at end of life

The Mulliez-Flory Group is deeply involved in products' end of life, offering recycling solutions are specific to clothing type. Transformed or recycled depending on their nature, your products will go into a quality recycling chain exclusively on French soil.