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A responsible, engaged actor on the work clothing market

  • OEKO-TEX ® 100 certification
  • European engagement via REACH
  • Ethical, fair behaviour under the Max Havelaar licence

Prohibiting all harmful substances in our products

We primarily use fabrics certified for OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100, an international testing and certification system that confirms that textiles have been tested and so guarantees the wearer's well-being.


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Protecting human health and the environment

Mulliez-Flory has committed to the European Commission to:

  • protect human health and the environment against the potential risks posed by chemical substances;
  • institute comprehensive, transparent information about the nature and the risks of the substances utilized, from supplier to end client;
  • secure the handling of chemical substances by employees at the company by enforcing safety standards;
  • reinforce the industry's competitiveness, particularly the European chemicals industry, a key sector of Europe's economy.

Prioritizing fair tradeLogo Max Havelaar

Détenteur de la licence Max Havelaar depuis 2008, le groupe propose des collections développées sous la bannière du commerce équitable. Nos usines de fabrication sont labellisées Flo Cert et auditées chaque année.

A holder of the Max Havelaar licence since 2008, the Group offers collections developed under the banner of fair trade.

This licence guarantees:

  • fair business relations with small farmers;
  • crop and harvest quality;
  • preservation of the environment: 0% pesticides, limited use of chemicals, 0% GMO, sustainable waste and water management, and maintenance of biodiversity.