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For nearly 200 years, the company has been placing the mark of its French expertise on quality textile goods.



All of our creations are conceived and designed in Le Longeron and Paris, at our styling bureau and our desing offices.

Our prototyping workshop, which employs 30 cutters, assemblers and prototypers, develops clothing prototypes that will be presented to you before final production in our shops.

These experts pass their know-how on to the next generations in the interest of enduring textiles expertise in the Cholet region.

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An integral part of the HDM Group which creates and manufactures high-end household linens under the label Vosges Terre Textile, Mulliez-Flory develops ranges of French products with the help of its prototyping workshop and its local workshops.

Selfia® brand products are created using only French and European fabrics and are manufactured in our workshops in Cholet. They have earned the "Origine France Garantie" label for products certified as made in France!