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Committed to sustainable development

To accompany this social, corporate and environmental approach, Mulliez-Flory is in the process of obtaining RSE26001 corporate social responsibility certification.

Download Mulliez-Flory's 2016 Commitments

The Group is committed...

  • to complying with the principles of social responsibility, including with universal human rights, the applicable international laws and standards of behaviour, and the social responsibility requirements to which Mulliez-Flory has voluntarily subscribed;
  • to acting ethically and with integrity on our markets, with transparency and accountability in respect of our social impacts.

... for the well-being of our employees

  • listening to the men and women who make up the company;
  • developing management methods that foster a sense of well-being in the workplace.

... to assuming our social responsibilities

  • continuously improving our social performance;
  • motiving our suppliers to adhere to a progressive supplier charter;
  • developing products for our clients that are respectful of their users' health and safety;
  • banning any form of corruption, conflict of interest or unfair competition from our business practices.

... and to leading actions for sustainable development

Our sustainable development policy, initiated in 2005, is built on several pillars:

  • ethics;
  • environment;
  • recycling;
  • quality of life;
  • French expertise.