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Creating a recycling chain specific to professional clothing

Eight million French people, i.e. one in three working people, wear a uniform or work clothes. And yet, once their life cycle is over, most of those products wind up in incinerators (more than 50% of the total volume).

Unlike user textiles for individuals and local governments, professional textile waste is unfortunately not frequently recycled or reclaimed.




With this observation in mind, the company launched a research project (Valtex) in 2011 in partnership with Renault Environnement and the SNCF to create a recycling industry specific to textiles and work clothes with the Ecocert label.

The products are routed, shredded and then prepared as high added value thermal and sound insulation, all of which on French soil, with the goal of achieving the smallest possible carbon footprint!


Tote Bags 2

Tote Bags

Recycling textiles and professional clothing at end of life can create jobs and generate new outlets in line with the environmental policy put in place by the Mulliez-Flory Group.

The Group proposes other possible and existing outlets:

  • creation of tote bags using fabric offcuts from our industrial cutting machines;
  • development of by-products from your collections;
  • donations (humanitarian or social).

These and many more solutions can be envisaged.